4 and 5 December 2024

Nordic single-sided sensorineural deafnes Symposium

Cochlear Nordic single-sided sensorineural deafnes Symposium

How is single-sided sensorineural deafness (SSD) affecting children and adults? How should these individuals be treated? The standard of care regarding SSD has recently evolved in Europe. Join us to discuss these topics and learn more about cochlear implantation in SSD.

The program includes lectures by international experts as well as opportunities to discuss and share experiences among colleagues.

The target audience is professionals involved in CI candidacy and treatment.

Date: 4th and 5th December 2024

Time: Wednesday 4th of December 11:45-17:45

Dinner on the 4th of December at 19:00 at Restaurant Runway on level 2

Thursday 5th of December 08:30-14:00

Venue and Hotel: Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport, 1 768 SEK excl. VAT

Practical information

The symposium will be held at Clarion Hotel Arlanda Airport outside Stockholm where we have pre-booked hotel rooms until the 21st of October. The hotel is located at Arlanda Airport inside SkyCity, between Terminals 4 and 5.

The symposium and the dinner in the evening of 4th of December at 19:00 is covered by Cochlear Nordic. We are following the local markets ethical rules and guidelines. Regarding travel and/or hotels cost, please talk to your Cochlear representative in your country.

Agenda Day 1

Wednesday 4th December: The Why 

Moderator: TBC, Clinician 

11:45 Lunch  Restaurant Runway on level 2
12:45 Welcome  
13:00 Recipient testimonial CI recipient 
13:15 Pathophysiology of congenital single-sided deafness Prof. Andrej Kral, Hannover 
13:50 Effect of SSD on the individuals life - a pediatric perspective  TBC
14:20 Break   

Advantages of cochlear implantation in children with single sided deafness: a longitudinal study

Prof. Astrid van Wieringen, Leuven


Clinical outcomes of cochlear implantation in SSD in adults

TBC, clinician/researcher, Germany

16:00 Current status of indications in Europe & systematic literature review TBC, Cochlear
16:25 Break   
16:40 Round table: treatment of SSD in Nordic countries  
17:25-17:45 Summary and close of day 1  
19:00 Dinner Restaurant Runway on level 2

Agenda Day 2

Thursday 5th December: The How

Moderator: Ville Sivonen, Helsinki 

08:30 Introduction to day 2  
08:40 Our experiences with cochlear implant treatment for single-sided deafness Jesper Yde, Copenhagen
09:15 Rehabilitation and evaluation of outcomes in CI recipients with SSD Ida Jensen Friis, Aarhus 
09:50 Device usage in SSD CI recipients Kristoffer Foldager Jörgensen, Aarhus 
10:05 Break   
10:35 How to approach fitting in SSD cases Kristoffer Foldager Jörgensen, Aarhus & TBC, clinician
11:15 The Swiss experience from introducing CI to patients with SSD and results from the CI registry Prof. Tobias Kleinjung, Zürich 
11:35 Insights in the neurophysiological background of CI implantation in single sided deafness – results from PET and EEG studies Prof. Tobias Kleinjung, Zürich 
11:55 Considerations for cochlear implantation in unilateral hearing loss in adults Prof. Kevin D. Brown, North Carolina, USA
12:25 Discussion, summary and close  
13:00 Lunch Restaurant Runway on


Last day of registering is 4th of November 2024.

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