Don´t miss the opportunity to meet and discuss with Nordic colleagues

Cochlear Nordic Symposium gathers professionals from the vast majority of Nordic clinics working with implantable hearing solutions.

At the same time, representatives from adult and children hard of hearing organizations will also take part of the meeting and hence, it is a golden opportunity to meet over country boarders to discuss important topics of today and the future.

Cochlear Nordic Symposium therefore hosts a range of networking meetings within different professions that will take place on Wednesday 23 January 16.30-18.30. Cochlear will not take an active part in these meetings but rather hosts conference rooms for each session.

- CI Physicians (ENT physicians, audiology physicians and surgeons) 
- CI Technicians (audiologists and engineers) 
- CI Pedagogues
- Logopedes (speech thrapists)
- Patient Organizations - adults 
- Patient Organizations - children

If you want to participate in one of the above networking meetings, make sure to tick the box in the registration form.